Pneumatic Nail-guns

We obtained a substantial verdict against the leading manufacturer of pneumatic nail-guns, including a multi-million dollar punitive damages award, on behalf of a client who was injured when a nail-gun misfired, sending a nail into his brain and leaving him severely brain-damaged. Our investigation revealed that the company held patents on simple inventions that they knew would have made this injury impossible, but the company consciously decided that speed was more important than safety.


We were part of the team of lawyers who successfully took on Philip Morris, obtaining a multi-million dollar jury verdict against the tobacco giant for the family of a man who died of lung cancer. The case is still on appeal.

3-wheel ATV’s

Our landmark victory against Honda played a role in forcing the removal of dangerously unstable 3-wheel ATV’s from the market. It was appealed by Honda all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it made national law on punitive damages. Ultimately, after ten years of litigation, Honda was forced to pay every cent of the original judgement, plus interest.

Natural Gas Explosion

We successfully represented a man who was severely injured when natural gas which had escaped from a faulty appliance exploded in his apartment. In addition to paying a substantial monetary settlement, the gas company agreed to publicly acknowledge the hazards natural gas posed to residential customers and to embark on an unprecedented safety campaign to inform consumers of ways to protect themselves.

Breast Implants

Gaylord Eyerman Bradley represented dozens of women who were injured by silicone breast implants, both through individual “opt-out” cases and in the class action global settlement.

Washing Machine

We represented a young girl who lost her right arm in a washing machine that lacked a simple interlock device. The settlement included a requirement that the manufacturer redesign its machines to prevent similar injuries, notify consumers of the dangers of the older design and make a retrofit kit available at a nominal cost.

We have also pursued claims for individuals injured by:

  • Outdoor power equipment (lawnmowers, chipper-shredders)
  • Truck-trailer design (truck under-ride)
  • Truck fuel systems
  • 15-passenger vans
  • Improperly designed float tube
  • Inadequate guarding of conveyors
  • Throttle-sticking in Yamaha motorcycles


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