Product makers and sellers are legally responsible for injuries caused by defects in the design or construction of a product which causes injury or death. Ordinary consumers are entitled to expect products that have been designed and built to be reasonably safe.  Any product which causes serious injury or death when it is being used in a reasonably foreseeable way is not a reasonably safe product.

Product makers and sellers often blame the consumer when their products cause serious injury.  They will claim that “common sense” should have prevented the injury. However, engineers who design products and safety experts who study human behavior know that many hazards are not obvious, and that the true solution to the prevention of injuries and deaths from potentially dangerous products is in the application of careful and thorough technologies and science. Product design is a highly technical field, and so is the safety of people around products.

Many good businesses operate within these rules and never have a problem with serious injuries and deaths caused by unreasonably dangerous products, while others seem to be habitual offenders because of their refusal to take the steps and expend the resources necessary to assure their products are safe. In those instances, the only remedy for injured persons and their families is the kind of legal claim that we typically handle. Moreover, the prospect of being held accountable by a jury of ordinary citizens is the only effective method in our democracy of enforcing community standards of responsibility and safety against corporate wrongdoers.

Product liability cases need the most skilled and experienced lawyer you can find.

These cases require the highest degree of skill and experience on the part of the lawyer, who must first be able to recognize and understand the technical issues, and make a preliminary judgement about whether you may have a meritorious case that should be investigated. Your lawyer must then have the resources to identify and retain appropriate experts to consult with, since all products cases depend on the opinions of qualified, credible experts who are willing to testify that the injury was preventable by better designs or warnings. Finally, your lawyer then must be prepared to present your case in a persuasive way to a jury in court, or negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies and defense lawyers to a just resolution.

Visit our Product Liability Cases page for a partial list of the dangerous products we have challenged.

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