Medical providers are held accountable for injuries caused by negligence.

Just as all of us are expected to follow the rules of the road when we operate our vehicles on the highway, so are doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other healthcare providers required to follow the rules of reasonable medical practice. When a medical provider fails to meet the standard of reasonable care – runs a medical “red light” – and causes serious injury, the law grants the patient the right to receive compensation.

Medical malpractice cases require the highest degree of skill and experience on the part of the lawyer, who must first be able to recognize and understand the medical issues, and make a preliminary judgment about whether you may have a meritorious case that should be investigated. Your lawyer must then have the resources to identify and retain appropriate experts to consult with, since all medical malpractice cases depend on the opinions of qualified, credible medical experts who are willing to testify that the injury was caused by medical negligence. Finally, your lawyer must be prepared to negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies and defense lawyers, and when necessary, prepare your case for courtroom presentation to a jury.

Experience is the only way to acquire skill as a trial lawyer.

At Gaylord Eyerman Bradley, we have successfully represented clients and their families in medical malpractice cases involving many different medical procedures. These include errors during surgery, failing to make the correct diagnosis leading to incorrect or delayed treatment, improper prescribing or administration of medications, birth injuries, and many others.

For an idea of the range of our experience in the field of medical malpractice, review our case list. Keep in mind that every case must be independently analyzed; a seemingly minor detail can make the difference between a viable case and a questionable claim.

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