Catastrophic injuries are those which result in lifelong disability, including brain injury, paralysis, limb loss, coma, or other conditions which will leave the injured person in need of special care. Medical mistakes can lead to catastrophic injuries. Automobile accidents, workplace injuries, and product defects can also cause devastating injuries that leave the victim unable to care for himself or herself. In such cases, it is imperative that the economic consequences of the injury be fully assessed and understood.

With very few exceptions, there is only one opportunity to obtain full compensation for an injury; it is not possible to go back and ask for more if it turns out that you have underestimated the extent of an injury or the amount needed to provide for lifetime care. Gaylord Eyerman Bradley regularly work with economists, rehabilitation experts, and life care planners to make sure that we understand the nature of the client’s disabilities, to learn about the programs that may be available to help a particular client, and to ensure that we seek an amount that will be adequate to meet the client’s care needs.

For more than twenty-five years the lawyers of Gaylord Eyerman Bradley PC, have focused their efforts on helping individuals and families achieve civil justice by holding corporations, medical providers, and insurance companies accountable. In courts throughout the states of Oregon and Washington, we represent only injured people and their families, not insurance companies, hospitals, medical providers, or corporations.



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